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Johns Hopkins Textbook of Prostate Cancer - Seeds Chapter

ASTRO 2009 10 year Prostate Cancer Outcomes in Jacksonville Florida

ASTRO 2009 Long Term Prostate Outcomes in Jacksonville Florida

ASTRO 2009 - Seeds salvage of IMRT/Proton Failure in Jacksonville Florida

ASTRO 2008 PSA 7-10 Prognosis

ASTRO 2007 Combined Seeds plus IMRT is Better

ASTRO 2004 Genetics and Prostate Radiation

Public Comment on Proton Therapy

ASTRO 2006 I-125 implants

Reuters article about prostate cancer

ASTRO 2006 Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer

ASTRO 2007 5 year PSA value after Radiation

ASTRO 2007 Erectile Dysfuntion and Radiation

Lung Radiosurgery Article

ASTRO 2007 Failure definitions for High Risk Prostate Cancer

ASTRO 2007 Effect of Family History and Prostate Cancer

ASTRO 2008 Long Term Biopsy Results and Radiation

ASTRO 2008 Gleason Score 8-10 and radiation

ASTRO 2008 Dose Volume Relationship to Side Effects

ASTRO 2008 Rectal Bleeding and Erectile Dysfunction

ASTRO 2006 Cialis Levetra Viagra and Prostate Cancer


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